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Step 2 - Welcome Briefing

In Processing Welcome Briefing Training Pre-Deployment Reunion

The Welcome briefing, is the second step in strengthening your family readiness. The Welcome briefing focus’s on the relationship between the unit command, the Family Readiness Group, and the Family and Guard Member and how they all work together to help the Guard Member accomplish their mission while assisting the family in dealing with the day to day concerns of being part of the citizen/guard member family. 

Since different Units may perform different functions for the National Guard, Unit missions will vary. Please contact your Unit Leadership or Full time staff in regards to their Unit Mission.

A successful Welcome allows for an interaction between all parties and a chance for questions and answers. It provides an understanding of the unit mission. It puts a face on the National Guard Program and that unit. It is the goal of all involved to ensure that it is a knowledgeable, confident and caring face. We want to help the Guard Member accomplish their mission while connecting our Guard Members, families, and community resources together.  

Family Program Mission
To establish and facilitate ongoing communication, involvement, support, and recognition between National Guard families and the National

Guard in a partnership that promotes the best in both.

The Briefing focus’s on the unit’s mission and the Family program mission and not on deployment. It is an overview of programs available to the families and what they need to know and understand at this stage in their transition into the Guard family.

This Welcome Briefing builds upon the Guard Member and family member’s knowledge, effectively laying a foundation for all future trainings. Last but not least, the briefing promotes the liaison between the National Guard and the family, thus enabling an early start to a successful partnership.

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A sample Welcome Briefing (PDF file, 657Kb).

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