How To Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Test: Tips And Tricks

Millions of Americans face the necessity to go through drug tests every year. And how to pass a mouth swab drug test is a question commonly seen on platforms like Reddit or Quora. As the use of marijuana has increased, there are new ways to test for cannabis. And one of the most popular tests is mouth swab testing, also known as oral drug test.

One of the reasons why these tests are popular is because they are cheap and fast. Furthermore, oral drug tests can be done anytime, and the result is ready in minutes. Another crucial fact about this drug test is that it is close to impossible to tamper with the sample.

So, how to pass a mouth swab drug test?

Here is a guide on how to beat a mouth swab drug test. We have tried to incorporate every detail you should know about this drug test. So, you will feel confident when you are about to undergo a saliva drug screening. And be sure – there are reliant methods to beat these tests, like Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash and Oral Clear Gum.


Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash

  • This specially formulated mouth wash allows you to rid your mouth of detectable drug toxins left in the mouth moments before the drug test is to occur.
  • The small 1-ounce bottle makes it easy to dispose of or hide in the moments before the test
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What Is The Procedure For A Saliva Drug Test?

Before getting into the “how to pass a mouth swab drug test”, you must understand the testing process. In most cases, you will get a notice before testing. Even if the time is as short as 15 minutes. However, if the testing is on the roadside, you won’t be that lucky.

You need to avoid drinking and eating for 10-15 minutes before the test. This will offer higher accuracy. In case you drink or eat, it can alter your results.

It is as simple as running a mouth swab around your gum line. It focuses below the tongue and lower gum line. This is to collect the saliva that further undergoes testing. If you are a cannabis user, your saliva will contain a good amount of THC metabolites. Fortunately, detox gum or Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash can improve your chances of passing the test.

Often, the designated person performing the test makes use of the swabs to collect the sample. However, they can also hand over the swab to you for self-administration. Seize this chance to get a favourable test result. All you need to do is move the cotton pad around the inside of the cheek, preferably on the upper side. After collecting the oral fluid, all there’s left is to send it for further testing.

Now the process can be a bit different for Amazon employees. Some sources report that Amazon places a cotton swab underneath the tongue to collect a saliva sample. The tester leaves the swab there for around 10 minutes. Therefore, there is no hope for any tempering.

So, how to pass a mouth swab drug test for Amazon? Fortunately, there are many ways to beat a saliva drug test.

The Type Of Drugs A Mouth Swab Screening Can Detect

Depending on the type of test, it can detect various substances. For example, they can detect a variety of drugs at once. Or they can trace just one drug at a time, but with deadly precision. Below are some of the most commonly detected drugs.

  1. Opioids
  2. Amphetamines
  3. Barbiturates
  4. Cannabis or THC
  5. Methamphetamine
  6. Phencyclidine or PCP
  7. Alcohol
  8. Benzodiazepines

Mouth Swab Drug Test Detection Period

Several things impact how far back it can detect drugs. For instance, the type of test used determines the sensitivity. Some of them are more receptive than others. Also, the substance that is being tested – it does really matter. Certain drugs are traceable for a longer period. And one more important factor – the amount of weed that you consumed.

If you have been consuming the drug regularly, it has a longer detection time. Many studies prove regular consumption of a drug makes them traceable for a longer duration. The basic detection time frame is around 5 hours – 48 hours in oral fluids.

But this period is longer for those individuals who are regular consumers of drugs like marijuana. If you smoke every day for a long time, the detection window for oral drug tests increases to 3-7 days.
To help reduce your risk of failing an oral drug test, you can try using a mouthwash like Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash. This mouthwash is designed to temporarily remove toxins from your saliva, which can help to shorten the detection window for drugs.


Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash

  • This specially formulated mouth wash allows you to rid your mouth of detectable drug toxins left in the mouth moments before the drug test is to occur.
  • The small 1-ounce bottle makes it easy to dispose of or hide in the moments before the test
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When Can An Employer Demand A Drug Test?

Mouth swab tests are common in workplaces. They are a prerequisite in many reputed companies. Many organizations want to know your drug history before offering a job opportunity. This means you need to pass the drug test to retain the job. Furthermore, these tests are usually mandatory.

Besides, drug tests are sometimes carried out before promotions. So, if you happen to fail the drug test, you will even miss the promotion. Thus, a positive drug test can lead to several worse consequences. To prevent this from happening, you can use Toxin Rid Rescue Wash .

In some cases, a group of people is chosen at random to undergo oral drug testing. These tests are usually conducted without any notice. So, you should know that such surprise drug tests are common in workplaces. Also, if the employer has doubts about a certain employee using drugs, they can request a drug test.

Also, drug tests are done after an employee sustains injuries or any untoward incident happens. For instance, accidents that happen using any machinery or such. These tests are done to uncover the reason behind the accident.

Being under the influence of drugs makes an individual more prone to accidents. So, it is only logical to test the people involved.

What Organizations Prefer Saliva Drug Screening And Why?

Many employers opt for saliva drug tests over others. They are commonly used in organizations similar to staffing companies. Here, drug tests are a crucial step to gaining a job. High-risk jobs need people with clear heads. So, they cannot have people who consume drugs. Thus, routine drug tests are carried out to ensure employees are fit for such types of jobs.

Why Do The Big Organizations Opt For Saliva Drug Tests?

One of the most common types of testing is a saliva drug test. Saliva drug screening has an accuracy rate over 97%. It is popularly used in workplaces because they are cheap. Besides, they are simple to use and less intrusive. You can easily take saliva samples anywhere and analyze them on the spot.

On the other hand, hair or blood testing requires the sample to be sent to the lab. This is more time-consuming and lengthier as well. With saliva drug testing, you cut down on the costs of sending the sample back to the lab. A faster drug result ensures faster processing. This allows an applicant to start their job quickly.

How Long Does THC Stay In Your Saliva?

The detection time frame is usually six hours to twelve hours after consumption. But they are traceable in the saliva for close to twenty-four hours. Between twenty-four to seventy-two hours of recent drug use in the case of cannabis or weed. Also, THC can stay in your salivary glands for a month. This is for those individuals that consume drugs regularly.To help reduce the detection time of drugs in saliva, consider using Toxin Rid Rescue Wash. This product can effectively eliminate drug metabolites from saliva, potentially shortening the detection window.

THC Detection Times In Saliva Drug Test

Oral swab drug test THC detection times are less compared to other tests. When you inhale cannabis, it is possible to trace drug metabolites in the mouth and saliva. How far back will a mouth swab drug test go varies largely on consumption level.

Category Of Weed User How Long Does THC Stay In Saliva
Infrequent User Around 6 hours
Frequent User Around 2 days
Chronic User About 7 days or more

Which Is The Best: Mouth Swab Drug Test vs Other Tests

Testing oral fluid is a reliable way to test for the latest drug consumption. If you compare them to hair or urine samples, saliva has the highest concentration of THC or drugs. You can detect them within six hours to 3 days. However, this also depends on the particular type of drugs you consume and the cut-off levels.

Oral drug testing kits are an easy way to test for drugs in the human body. Furthermore, saliva drug testing doesn’t need privacy and is acceptable for all genders. It does not require you to visit the washroom to submit the sample. Thus, it is tough to alter the results or avoid detection. Also, the saliva test is non-invasive. So, to sum it up – they are extra comfortable for users.

Today, saliva testing is often preferred over others. The reason being they are cheap, simple, and hassle-free. However, they have a shorter detection period. Last but not the least, they are tough to fake or cheat in.

But urine and blood tests are considered to be more precise than mouth swabs. Several studies confirm this statement. Both the testing types were studied in detail. The results proved that urine tests are more precise than oral drug testing.

How To Interpret The Test Result For A Saliva Drug Test?

People usually go for the color indicators test kit in terms of mouth swab drug tests. So, if you are using the same type of kit, it will notify you when there is enough saliva. Once the sample is collected, you should put the swab stick in. Now, wait until you get the result. This will usually take around 5-10 minutes.

If there are no drugs in the sample, then you will see a clear and well-defined line. If this line is not visible, it means the sample has drugs.

How To Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Test For Weed?

Finally, we have reached the how to pass a mouth swab drug test section. There are several ways you can get rid of drug residues. We are going to explain some of the frequent and effective techniques in this section to pass a saliva test with flying colors.

How To Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Test Naturally?

It is possible to pass a drug test naturally even for a heavy weed user. However, it can take a while. But with certain tricks, you can expedite the cleansing process. Here are some tips that will help you clear mouth swab drug testing naturally.

  • Brush your teeth well. Before the test, make sure to brush your teeth regularly.
  • Ensure to invest in good mouthwash like Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash. Follow it with a deep tooth brushing. Remove saliva from the mouth as much as possible.
  • Constantly chew gums. Doing this will drive the THC-mixed saliva into the mouth and help you swallow it faster. Thus, the elimination of the toxic saliva is faster.
  • If you have consumed cannabis, then ingest fatty foods. Try burgers and pizzas. When you consume them, the fat tends to attract the toxin residues. This then travels to your stomach.
  • Make sure to exercise daily. Have plenty of nutritious food. Drink lots of water. Ensure to sweat it out each day. Also, avoid cannabis until the day of the test.

Home Remedies To Pass A Saliva Drug Test

As per many online sources, you can pass saliva drug tests using some items found in your home. However, the success rate of home remedies can vary greatly. If you want to pass an oral drug test with ease – choose a good mouth detox product. Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash is a perfect example.


Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash

  • This specially formulated mouth wash allows you to rid your mouth of detectable drug toxins left in the mouth moments before the drug test is to occur.
  • The small 1-ounce bottle makes it easy to dispose of or hide in the moments before the test
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Here we will list some remedies that will help to mask the use of drugs. But make sure none of these have strong evidence or proof.

There are many myths surrounding passing drug tests. But people may endanger their lives in certain cases to remove toxins. Thus, be careful before believing anything on the internet.

Below are some well-known home remedies that you can try.

Hydrogen Peroxide

The first method in our how-to pass a saliva drug test list is Hydrogen Peroxide. Remember that this chemical is dangerous. If you swallow a lot of it, it can damage your body forever. However, many have used this method to pass the drug test.

First, you need to remove tartar from your tongue and teeth. Now, swish and spit out the hydrogen peroxide. Make sure to use the 3% Hydrogen Peroxide only. Now take a clean cotton swab and clean your mouth.

You can get the chemical to your workplace as well. This will allow you to rinse your mouth before the test. Ensure to repeat the rinsing so that all the toxins from your mouth are flushed out.

People believe this strategy works well. However, you need to be extremely careful before trying this method. As discussed earlier, hydrogen peroxide is dangerous if handled carelessly.


Many believe that combining a bit of acetic acid like vinegar with water makes for a natural mouthwash. Acetic acid when used in low concentrations will make the saliva acidic. This in turn boosts glandular salivation as well as eliminates traces of toxins.

Though this sounds like a great way to trick the test, there is no scientific evidence for it. There is not enough proof that acids in the saliva will alter the test results. You can use vinegar but only as a pre-cleansing substance. Make sure to use quality mouthwash as well.


Some believe that using listerine will help pass a mouth swab drug test. If you are planning on using this method, know that it is only for occasional weed users. This method will not work for regular cannabis smokers.

Some users suggest gargling with listerine after smoking weed. Take an adequate amount of listerine and gargle and spit it out. Make sure the fluid reaches every corner of the mouth. Do this half an hour before the mouth swab test.

However, we did not find any crucial ingredient that solidifies that Listerine helps to remove toxins from the mouth.

Top 3 Oral Detox Products To Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Test In 2023-2024

There are many varieties of mouthwash available in the market. They guarantee to eliminate all sorts of toxins. This ensures you easily pass your mouth swab drug tests. Below we will mention some of the best products to help you pass the tests. If you have done some research on how to pass a mouth swab drug test, you must have heard of the mentioned products.

Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash

Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash is the first and most famous option on our how to pass a mouth swab drug test detox products list. They are popular in the detox industry. This mouthwash is specifically for oral use.

All you need to do is follow the instructions listed on the pack. Make sure to gargle well to remove all residue cannabis. Use the mouthwash completely. Once you are done gargling, spit the mouthwash out.

What Makes It The Best?

TestClear is the maker of this mouthwash and has been in the detox business for more than 23 years. Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash uses natural ingredients known to remove toxin residues. Toxin Rid has been a leading detox product line for a long time which is why they have a big customer base. And according to its users, detox mouthwash is effective.


  • Aloe Vera
  • Water
  • Witch Hazel
  • Sulfate
  • Magnesium
  • Mint
  • Glycerin
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Chloride
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Boron
  • Lithium

Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash Pros And Cons

As any product, this mouthwash has its pros and cons. Let’s sum it up:


  • Effective detox mouthwash
  • Simple to use
  • Many natural ingredients
  • You can purchase it from official website
  • It is difficult to detect toxins after using this mouthwash.


  • May not work for heavy THC users
  • This mouthwash is quite expensive


On the official website of Toxin Rid, you can buy their Rescue Wash Mouthwash for $29.95. You can purchase the mouthwash from Walmart, Amazon, or eBay but this might cost a bit more than the mentioned price.


Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash

  • This specially formulated mouth wash allows you to rid your mouth of detectable drug toxins left in the mouth moments before the drug test is to occur.
  • The small 1-ounce bottle makes it easy to dispose of or hide in the moments before the test
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Oral Clear Gum

Oral Clear Gum is a saliva-neutralizing product that will help you pass the mouth swab test. If you consume cannabis, nicotine, or other prescription medicines, this gum will prove beneficial. Each container has a single gum and is known to be effective. The effects occur in less than thirty seconds and easily last up to half an hour.

What Makes It the Best?

Oral Clear Gum has several compounds and antioxidants. These produce a powerful fluid mixture that eliminates drug metabolites and toxins. Slowly, they start to neutralize the metabolite.


  • Perhydrol
  • Sugar
  • Acesulfame
  • Dextrose
  • Gum base
  • Glycerol
  • Natural & artificial flavorings
  • Corn syrup
  • Butylated hydroxytoluene


Oral Clear Gum is around $90 per pack. You can easily purchase it on the official website of Clear Choice. The brand is also popular in fake urine, detox drinks, as well as detox pills. You can get these online and help in passing drug tests. Also, these are effective and offer desirable results.

Stinger Detox Mouthwash

Stinger Detox Mouthwash, one of the alternatives to Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash, is a powerful mouthwash that helps cleanse toxins from the mouth. The product claims to show results in less than half an hour. So, all you need to do is use this mouthwash just before the test. After using the product, you can confidently submit your mouth swab drug test.

What Makes It the Best?

Stinger Detox Mouthwash masks the traces of metabolites. It does not remove or eliminate them in any way. The masking prevents the drug tests from picking on them thus giving you desirable results. Removing or masking, whatever the process might be, a negative test result is what matters.


  • Niacin
  • L-Taurine
  • D-Ribose
  • Methylsulfonylmethane
  • L-Lysine


You can purchase the Stinger Detox Mouthwash on the official website for $34.95. Moreover, you can also buy it from nearby local stores. However, ensure you purchase from a reliable source. This is because there are many counterfeit products out there. Thus, it is best to purchase from their official store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mouth Swab Drug Testing Reliable?

The reliability of the tests depends on how they are performed. But in most cases oral drug tests are reliable and will detect drug usage.

What Is The Detection Window Of Mouth Swab Drug Tests?

There is a common detection time frame of 6-48 hours. The chemicals are traceable in the blood for around two days. Also, they are detectable in the urine for around 7 days or more.

How Long Does Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash Last?

Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash is designed to last for up to 45 minutes. However, it is important to note that the effectiveness of the product may vary depending on the individual’s metabolism and the level of toxins in their system.


Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash

  • This specially formulated mouth wash allows you to rid your mouth of detectable drug toxins left in the mouth moments before the drug test is to occur.
  • The small 1-ounce bottle makes it easy to dispose of or hide in the moments before the test
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What Are The Advantages Of Mouth Swab Drug Testing?

The prime benefit of mouth swab drug testing is the easy collection of samples. It is a non-invasive procedure that is done in seconds. In addition, the results are quick. Not to forget, this testing is cheap. These kinds of testing are usually done to test for the latest use of drugs. Also, in case of accidents or injuries at work, a mouth swab drug test is the best to use.

How To Pass An Oral Drug Test?

The safest way to ensure you get a negative drug result is to stay away from using drugs. Stop consuming drugs at least a week before the test. If this is not an option – choose a good mouth detox product like Oral Clear Gum and use it whenever you need it.

The Bottom Line

Saliva tests are a simple way of testing for drugs. However, failing in them can cause you to lose your dream job. It can also lead to a bad reputation and put you in legal issues. So, make sure to understand how to pass a saliva drug test and invest in a quality product that will not let you down.

The best method to pass this kind of test is to use the best mouth detox product, like Toxin Rid Rescue Wash. All the oral detoxification products that we reviews are reliable, have excellent reviews, and the price is also within reach. Just make sure you buy an authentic product. Cheap knockoffs are everywhere. And, to avoid getting scammed, you should better purchase oral detox supplements from the official websites.