Family Readiness – Overview

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Family Readiness - Overview

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In today’s concept of “the total force”, the National Guard plays a vital role in our nation’s defense. Their mission is to be ready for mobilization. A mobilization can be very small; just a few select Guard members with special skills, or very large with many Guard units called. At any moment, Guard members can be found in many parts of the world.

Family Readiness is the level of preparedness families and their guard members have in preparation for that call to state or federal active duty. Whether your Guardsman is attending a military school, providing state or local disaster relief, or defending freedom in support of the Global War on Terrorism our Family Readiness Program is invaluable in providing the concentrated military support that is critical throughout the deployment cycle.

In order to help facilitate Family Readiness the National Guard promotes proactive education by providing continuous training to you and your Guard Member throughout their military career. This training is designed to help introduce you to the military life as well as helping you to adjust to the military life style.

Family Readiness offers several programs, through your State Family Program Office, which can introduce you to the various services that are available nationally and locally to help you and your guard member with this integration into the guard family. These programs provide education, referral, and assistance that can help you become more self-reliant. With self-reliance and knowledge comes a feeling of increased self-confidence. This in turn leads to stronger individual and family well being.

To learn about the Family Readiness process, click the link below.

Six Steps to Family Readiness

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