Six Step Processing – Pre-Deployment

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Step 4 - Pre-Deployment

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Pre deployment is the time to make sure that everything is in order in case of potential deployment. This is also the time to utilize all of the training that you and your Guard Member have received. Now is also the time to ensure that you know and understand all of the responsibilities that will be yours in case of deployment.

Family Care Plan
A family care plan is used to ensure the care and well being of children and dependent adults during mobilizations and deployments.

You and your Service Member (SM) need to go over the Family Care Plan to ensure that it is up to date. For sample Family Care plans click on your Branch of service

Army (PDF file, 45Kb)

Air Force (PDF file, 100Kb)

Time should be taken also to discuss finances and other items that may be of concern in case of mobilization. This proactive step will lessen concerns and can increase confidence. Checklists are a great way to help ensure most events are planned for. For sample checklists click here.

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