Six Step Processing – Reunion

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Step 6 - Reunion

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Many people state that the reunion can be more stressful than the actual deployment. Questions and concerns of what to expect are mingled with the excitement of seeing your service Member again. With this in mind, the military offers Reunion briefings to both you and your Service Member that can assist in this process.

Military Family

Reunion briefings can help alleviate the fear of the unknown while helping you understand the different feelings and concerns that you may encounter. These briefings also cover changes in your TriCare insurance, pay and your Service Members reemployment rights. Operation Ready offers several modules that can assist with the deployment and Reunion process (PDF file, 3.14Mb).

Later Marriage Enrichment (PREP) courses are also offered to help strengthening your relationship and to offer additional assistance with any questions or concerns you or your Service Member may still have.

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