Guard Family Team Building is a specially designed education
and training program for and about the National Guard Community.
The online program modules cover a wide variety of topics most
often requested by families and National Guard leadership. GFTB
is modeled on the successful “Army Family Team Building” program.
However, GFTB has been specifically developed to educate and
empower those within the National Guard Community.


Guard Family Team Building (GFTB)
Online Course Catalog
Minimum System Requirements

Learn all the ins-and-outs of how to effectively operate a Family Assistance Center (FAC).
Throughout each lesson, a focus will be placed on how to effectively provide
valuable and reliable information to Guard family members and other military units.
A few of the key areas that you will be able to practice with hands-on examples include:
problem-solving, handling a call, locating resources, and modeling correct procedures for
daily tasks.
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