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National Guard Family Program
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An Overview for State Family Program Directors, Wing Family Program Coordinators, and Families.



Evaluating Your Situation

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Investment Planning

Education Planning

Retirement Planning

Estate Planning


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Montgomery GI Bill



Planning for Your Child’s Education



Personal Investing


Prepaid Tuition Plans




College Options through Life Insurance


Educational Tax Credits


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6.1.2 Prepaid Tuition Plans

Some states offer prepaid tuition plans. Generally, with a prepaid

tuition plan, you make a series of payments or a lump-sum payment to

a state program and designate your child as the beneficiary

of the program account. If the plan meets all the applicable tax law

requirements, the earnings on your account accumulate tax free and can

be used to pay for the college tuition or expenses of the child.


Some individual colleges and universities offer prepayment programs

as well. By paying in advance, you can lock in current tuition

costs for your child’s college education years from now.

A growing number of tuition plans even allow students to use the money

saved in the prepaid plan at a different school. If your child chooses

not to attend college, most programs refund some or all of your account

balance. Be sure to check the refund terms of any tuition program you’re

considering before making a decision.

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