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An Overview for State Family Program Directors, Wing Family Program Coordinators, and Families.



Evaluating Your Situation

Budgeting & Debt Management

Goals & Plans

Insurance & Disability Planning

Investment Planning

Education Planning

Retirement Planning

Estate Planning


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Course Introduction


Financial Planning Steps


Getting Started


0.4 Getting Started

You can think of a written financial plan as your roadmap designed

to get you to your desired destination.

Every financial plan is unique because it is a written assessment of

an individual’s own goals and resources. However, personal financial

plans are usually developed in the same way and have key components

that are similar.

Financial planning begins by determining your current financial status,

setting financial goals, learning to budget, saving and investing, and

monitoring your progress.

Types of Financial Goals

  • Short Term goals are those you can accomplish in one year or less.
  • Medium Term goals take from two to four years to accomplish.
  • Long Term goals are those that take five or more years to reach.

Be realistic as you set your goals and you won’t be disappointed or put

undue stress on your family.

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