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Sitelutions Products & Services

Sitelutions offers all of the services that
you need to get your site up and running.  All services area available
a-la-carte, for your convenience.  This allows you to choose the
services that you need, and not pay extra for those that you don’t. 
And speaking of payment… you need not pay for Redirection or DNS (static
or dynamic) — they are free!

Sitelutions SpaceTM 
& Control Panel


Quality web hosting at some of
the lowest prices available today.  Host your site using
your own domain name or use a subdomain of one
of our domain names for free!  Use Sitelutions Space
TM to set up
e-mail for your site (web mail or pop3/imap), CGI scripts,
database-driven sites (MySQL), Guestbooks, Forums, Java Servlets, and
more!  Hosting packages start at just
$4.95 per month.  Click here for more information. 
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Sitelutions RegistrarTM


Full-featured domain name registrar, allowing you to
register your own .com, .net, .org, .biz,
.info, or .us domain name (or your choice of many other top-level domains). 
Once registered, you can
host your domain name on another ISP’s server, or you can use our DNS,
redirection, or Sitelutions Space
TM to host your site.
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Sitelutions URL Redirection


Allows you to give your existing web site a better,
easier-to-remember URL with very little effort.  Point a domain name
( or a free Sitelutions subdomain (such as your existing site.  If your site ever
moves, simply reconfigure redirection — no need to give out a new URL. 
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Sitelutions Static & Dynamic


you with the tools you need to set up domain name service (DNS) in order
to host your site on your own server (or your ISP’s server). 
Redundant servers in diverse locations power the Sitelutions DNS solution,
making sure your site always stays up.  Our Dynamic DNS Service
allows unlimited daily updates, ensuring maximum uptime, even when your
IP changes! 

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And there you have it… if you need something for your site, chances are that Sitelutions offers it! Please feel free to contact us with
any questions or comments. Have a great day and thanks for taking a look at our service offerings.



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