National Guard Youth Programs

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Kids from the 2004 youth symposium

National Guard Youth Programs

The purpose of the National Guard Bureau Family Program (NGB-FP) Youth Program is to assist states and territories in developing and managing programs that meet the needs and interests of today’s Guard youth.

The Youth Program has the following goals:

  • Establish baseline standards, reduce disparities in the delivery of services, and establish avenues for networking across state and territorial boundaries.
  • Foster partnerships between state and national youth organizations and those of the National Guard.
  • Establish and develop effective youth sponsorship and mentoring programs at the local and national levels.
  • Develop methods of providing commercial sponsorship to the states and territories for common core programs.

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National Guard Child Care Assessment

The National Guard Child and Youth Program is working to help National Guard families meet their child care challenges. Take

our survey and tell us about YOUR needs.