Incapacitation Pay

Incapacitation Pay

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Incapacitation Payline

What is Incapacitation Pay?

Incapacitation pay is compensation for service members who become physically disabled as a result of an injury, illness, or disease incurred in the line of duty.

This benefit is also paid to those injured:

  • while traveling directly to or from training;
  • while on an overnight stay in connection with training;
  • immediately before the commencement of inactive duty training or funeral honors duty; or
  • while remaining overnight between successive periods of Inactive Duty Training.

Incapacitation Pay Benefit

Any service member who is physically unable to perform his/her military duties is entitled to full pay and allowances. The total pay and allowances will be reduced by the amount of income the member earns from nonmilitary employment or self-employment during the disability period.

Disabilities that Result in Loss of Income

A service member who is physically able to perform military duties, but who sustains an injury, illness, or disease while in the line of duty that prevents him or her from performing his or her civilian job can receive payment based on a demonstrated loss of income. This loss cannot exceed the equivalent rate of full pay and allowances for the service member’s rank and length of service.

If you have further questions about incapacitation pay benefit, see your unit administrator or State Family Program Director/Air National Guard Wing Coordinator about incapacitation pay benefits in your state.