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Helpful Web Sites

Helpful Web Sites


Additional Web sites are available that provide a wide range of information, resources, and services. The menu on the right provides a selection of the most helpful military Web sites to assist you in your areas of concern.

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Site Spotlight

These sites are full of information and are really helpful!

Image of the Army Families Online web-site
Army Families Online
This site publishes Army Well-Being newsletter and Family Liaison Office (FLO) newsletter, FLO Notes. View ‘Disabled Soldier News’ for articles on current prosthetic technology and how they are empowering disabled veterans, particularly amputees, to resume normal activity.

Visit Army Families Online.

Image of DFAS web-site
Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)
Find information on money matters such as combat-related special compensation, survivor’s benefits, civilian and military pay, travel pay, vendor pay, retired and annuity pay, and more.

Visit DFAS.