Commissary Benefits and Shopping

Commissary Benefits and Shopping

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Commissary Benefits and Shoppingline

National Guard members are entitled to one of the military’s most important benefits — shopping at the commissary! The commissary sells food, sundry and cleaning products for cost plus a 5% surcharge. Purchasing goods at the commissary can save a family 30% or more compared to shopping at civilian grocery stores. Though you can always find individual prices higher or lower than in a retail grocery store, one survey proved that consistent, savvy shopping at the commissary brings significant savings.

Eligibility and Shopping Privileges

Current Guard/Reserve retirees and immediate family members are eligible to shop at the commissary. The 2004 National Defense Authorization Act eliminated restrictions on commissary shopping for Guard and Reserve members, unless otherwise stipulated in overseas host nation agreements. Commissaries immediately adopted the new provisions in November 2003, which means Guard and Reserve members and their families no longer have to present a Commissary Privilege Card when they shop and are no longer limited to 24 shopping days per year. The change also includes “gray area retirees,” those Guard or Reserve members who retire before the age of 60. They were previously limited to 24 shopping days per year.

Unlimited commissary shopping privileges are authorized for:

  • Members of the Ready Reserve (which includes members of the Selected Reserve, IRR, and Inactive National Guard) and members of the retired Reserve who possess the appropriate Department of Defense Military ID card issued by the Uniformed Service.
  • Former members eligible for retired pay at age 60 but who have not yet reached age 60 and who possess a Department of Defense Retired Military ID card issued by the Uniformed Service and those in possession of a DD Form 2765, Department of Defense/Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card.

Visit the Defense Commissary Agency Web site to find a commissary store near you, to learn about eligibility and Guard benefits, and to find out about sales promotions.

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The Hot Topics portion of this Web site includes a section on commissary benefits. Visit the Hot Topics Commissary Benefit and Sales Information section to stay informed about benefit changes and special promotions.