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Ready Reference
An alphabetical listing of the

Military Retiree’s Ready Reference of

Telephone Numbers lists Government, Military, Veterans, Commercial and

Charitable Organizations, Women’s Veterans Organizations, Military Temporary

Lodging, Armed Forces Recreation Centers, Navy Exchange Lodges, MWR Lodging,

Veterans Lodging, Foreign Military/Veterans Lodging, Condos, Cottages,

Campgrounds, RV Parks, Military Recreation Areas, Golf Courses, Marinas, Travel

Information, Commercial Airlines, Car Rental Companies, Train Tickets, Travel

Clubs and Travel Agencies, Military Space “A” Gateway Travel Locations,

DSN/Commercial Telephone Numbers, Recorded Flight Information Numbers and


Addresses, and CONUS Space “A” Activities.

Air Force Retiree


Contains information intended for the

use of the Air Force retired military community. Although these articles may be

applicable to others, they are written and/or edited specifically for the Air

Force military community, which includes Air Force retirees, their family

members and surviving spouses of Air Force retirees. Much of this same information is

contained in the Afterburner, USAF News for Retired Personnel, which is distributed in January, May and September:

Air Reserve Personnel


For more information on retirement, see the

Air Reserve Personnel Center at

Army Retirement Services
Army Retirement Services can be accessed


Soldiers and Airmen Home
Information about the historical Soldiers

and Airmen Home can be found at



The Federal Voting Assistance Program

(FVAP) Federal Voting

Assistance administers the

federal responsibilities of the Presidential designee (Secretary of Defense),

under the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting

Act (UOCAVA) of 1986. The Act covers more than six

million potential voters. The FVAP

has three distinct goals. These are

to: inform and educate U.S. citizens worldwide of their right to vote; foster

voting participation; and protect the integrity of, and simultaneously enhance,

the electoral process at the Federal, State and local levels. The FVAP provides U.S. citizens

worldwide a broad range of non-partisan information and assistance to facilitate

their participation in the democratic process – regardless of where they work or


The UOCAVA requires that the

states and territories allow certain U.S. citizens, as defined below, to

register and vote absentee in elections for Federal office. These groups include members of the

Uniformed Services (including Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard),

Merchant Marine, eligible family members of the above, Commissioned Corps of the

Public Health Service, Commissioned Corps of the National Oceanic and

Atmospheric Administration, U.S. citizens employed by the Federal Government

residing outside the U.S., and all other private U.S. citizens residing outside

the U.S.

Some states

and territories allow citizens covered by

the UOCAVA to register and vote in state and local elections as

well. More information on the

UOCAVA can be found in Appendix E of the Voting

Assistance Guide.

The FVAP acts on behalf of the Secretary of

Defense to administer the Federal responsibilities of the National Voter Registration Act

(NVRA), which designates

armed forces recruiting offices nationwide as voter registration agencies

allowing eligible U.S. citizens to apply for voter registration, or apply to

change voter registration data, at 6000 Armed Forces Recruitment Offices


Services are provided to thousands of

military Voting Assistance Officers (VAOs)

around the globe, Embassy and Consulate VAOs, state officials, local

government officials, representatives of worldwide organizations, personnel at

Armed Forces Recruiting Offices, and all citizens eligible to apply for voter

registration, or change voter registration data at Armed Forces Recruitment

Offices. In all, these total

approximately 205 million U.S. citizens of voting age. The Federal Voting Assistance Program

can be reached at:

Director, Federal Voting Assistance Program, Office of the Secretary of

Defense, Washington Headquarters Services, 1155 Defense Pentagon, Washington,

D.C. 20301-1155, FVAP Fax (703) 588-0108,

Email ,

Toll-free 800-438-8683,

Toll free

numbers from 59 countries.