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An enhanced quality of life for National Guard members, their families, and the communities in which they live.
How: A robust network of trained volunteers allied with Active and Reserve Components; government agencies; employers; Veteran & Volunteer Service Organizations, and private businesses in support of all military Service members and their families.


To establish and facilitate ongoing communication, involvement, support, and recognition between National Guard families and the National Guard in a partnership that promotes the best in both.
How: Facilitated through education, outreach services, and partnerships by leveraging resources, training, and constantly capitalizing on new capabilities, concepts, and technological advances.

Training & Support

Training is an ongoing process that permeates each step of your Guard Member’s military career. The following programs are available to provide a better understanding of military life and military expectations.


The Guard Family Team Building (GFTB) program is designed for everyone: Guard Members, Spouses, Parents, Children, Retirees,

Civilian Employees, and interested Community Members. It helps the Guard “family” by teaching all aspects of life associated

with the military, specifically the National Guard.



The Army Family Team Building (AFTB) program is a volunteer-led organization with a central tenet: provide training and knowledge

to spouses and family members to support the total Army effort. Strong families are the pillar of support behind strong Soldiers.

It is AFTB’s mission to educate and train all of the Army in knowledge, skills, and behaviors designed to prepare our

Army families to move successfully into the future.

The Air Force Family Readiness Edge (PDF file, 863K)

(Click here if you don’t have PDF viewer)

is a total force community resource directory designed to assist members of the Integrated

Delivery System (IDS) to support family members whose sponsors are involved in deployment and mobilization. The Air Force Family

Readiness EDGE lists and describes Air Force and their resources, their web sites and telephone numbers for family assistance.

In addition, your State Family Program Office offers local training that can assist with everything from legal questions to life

organizational skills to helping you set up an Army Knowledge Online (AKO) email Account.

Family Readiness is the level of preparedness families and their service members have. Our Family Readiness Branch through

proactive education and support programs that promote self reliance and enhance individual and family well being.

In layman’s terms Family Readiness may be defined as providing families and their service members with the education and

support to enable them to function effectively in the military.

In order to help facilitate Family Readiness the National Guard promotes proactive education by providing continuous training

to you and the Service Member (SM) throughout the Service Member’s (SM) military career. These trainings are meant to help

introduce you to the military life as well as helping you to adjust to the military life style.

The Guard also offers several support programs, such as your State Family Program Office,  which can introduce you to the many

services that are available nationally and locally to help you and your service member with this integration into the guard family.

These programs provide education, as well as a basis of support that can help assist you in becoming more self-reliant.

With self-reliance and knowledge comes a feeling of increased self-confidence. This in turn can lead to stronger individual and

family well being.

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