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Table of Contents

This provides a list of course and lesson components. When you click

on an item, you are transferred to the component that is associated with

that item. All course and lesson components are assignable units.

Course Introduction

This component describes any prerequisites, the objective(s), and the

requirements of the course.

Course Pretest

This activity evaluates your understanding of material prior to taking

the course. Based on the results, which are not tracked, you are provided

feedback on which lessons and topics you need to take.


Lessons may be comprised of these components:

  • Lesson introduction and objectives
  • Topic
  • Learning Check(s)
  • Practice Exercise
  • Lesson Summary

Lesson introduction and objectives

A screen lists the objectives and topics, and orients you to the lesson



This component presents the information necessary to accomplish the lesson

objective(s). It consists of instructional content and the topic title,

and may have branching, animations, bulleted lists, pop-up boxes, or other


Learning Check(s)

Each topic generally contains one or more questions to reinforce the

content and alert you if the content is not mastered. These may include

multiple choice (shown), fill-in-the-blank, and drag and drop. After responding,

you are given feedback (correct or incorrect), and if incorrect, you are

provided the correct answer. These responses are neither graded nor tracked.

Practice Exercise

Some lessons may contain an interactive exercise that provides a reinforcement

of select lesson material. These responses are not graded or tracked.

Lesson Summary

The summary screen provides a review of information and a reminder to

click Table of Contents to review topics.

Course Post-Test

This activity evaluates your understanding of material. You view test

results, identification of questions having an incorrect response, and

correct responses to questions that were incorrectly answered. The objective

and/or topic associated with each question marked as incorrect are also

identified. Directions on how to access lesson material associated with

each incorrect response is provided. Results are not tracked.