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Military Children and Youth

Children and Youth
This Web site provides a wide variety of
resources revolving around military child and youth programs. The site contains information about
legislation, policies and service specific regulations developed to provide
guidance for program operations. Also available are searchable databases, military points of contact for
child and youth programs worldwide and a list of joint initiatives and
civilian/military partnerships. This site incorporates the National Clearinghouse for the Military Child
Development Program. The objective behind the Clearinghouse was the creation of
a mechanism to share the lessons learned from Military Child Development
Programs with the rest of the nation to improve the quality of all childcare in
the United States. While this remains the central mission, the focus of the
Clearinghouse has been expanded to include information on military youth

Military Family Resource Center

National Clearinghouse exists as a separate entity within the
Military Family
Resource Center (MFRC)
, which is also
sponsored by the Department of Defense. As a resource for military program staff
and policy makers, MFRC offers a variety of services that include: information
dissemination, research synthesis, online database and resource collection, and
written informational products. These services focus on the policy, research and
programs pertaining to a wide array of military family support programs and

Military Families

Military Families
The site provides
an opportunity to share special event plans for Military Family Week in November
and Spouse Appreciation Day the Friday before Mother’s Day each May. The Web
site provides ideas and suggestions of how communities can thank military
spouses for the support they give to their family and other military families
throughout the year. Both sites contain information and resources to assist
program managers in designing and sharing celebrations that honor the
contributions and sacrifices of military families that often include frequent
deployments, family separations and frequent moves.


Enduring Freedom The Enduring
Freedom site was designed as a resource to assist the professionals who are
providing support to service members and their families during the current
military operations. The site
contains resources to address mobilization and deployment issues. The resources are organized for our
target populations of service members, families and employers. The site also provides organizations and
tool kits to aide military parents, military program managers and other child
advocates who are supporting children and their families to restore and maintain
mental well-being after traumatic events, separations and


The Domestic Violence
Prevention site was developed to identify initiatives that promote the
prevention of domestic violence.Every year in October, Domestic Violence Prevention Month activities are
planned throughout the nation, including the Family Advocacy Programs (FAP) in
the military.Our goal on this site
is to provide a vehicle to share prevention information and ideas to program
managers as they work to prevent domestic violence in the military

Child Abuse

Child Abuse
The Child Abuse
Prevention site provides a wealth of materials to promote prevention through the
development of programs and partnerships, identifying safety issues and
responses to frequently asked questions to help in the fight against child
abuse.  Every year in April, Child
Abuse Prevention Month activities are planned throughout the nation, including
the Family Advocacy Programs (FAP) in the military and they are highlighted on
this site.

Impacted Schools Association

Military Impacted
Schools Association
The Military
Impacted Schools Association (MISA) was formed in 1986 to ensure that the needs
of heavily impacted school districts serving military dependents were being met.
The national organization is comprised of heavily impacted military school
districts–that is, school districts with a high concentration of dependents of
military personnel.

Special Needs Network
Special Needs
The Special Needs Network
provides Department of Defense (DoD) families with special medical and/or
educational needs, access to information, resources and each other. The site empowers families, and the
professionals who work with them, with information that will help them decide on
issues of importance to an individual family’s special needs.

Departments of Education

State Departments
of Education
Welcome to the
Web Site For the National Association of State Directors of Special
Education. NASDSE is dedicated to
supporting state agency staff carry out their mission of ensuring a quality
education for students with disabilities. NASDSE provides support to states through training, technical assistance
documents, research, policy development, and partnering with other
This web site contains a wealth of information useful to
state agencies, schools, parents and advocates interested in quality education
for students with disabilities. Welcome. We hope you enjoy
your visit.

Social Compact
This site was developed as a
tool to promote the new Social Compact with the military, which is the long-term
quality of life strategy for the Department of Defense. The new Social Compact reconfirms
America’s commitment to service members, both active and reserve, implements the
President’s directive to review measures for improving quality of life for
military personnel, and provides recommendations for implementation. The new Social Compact is DoD’s
philosophical statement of the government’s responsibility to underwrite
military family support programs. The site contains the report and a database
that identifies regulatory requirements in the areas of health care, housing,
off-duty education, military child education, child care, recreation and
fitness, personal financial stability, military spouse education and employment,
and strengthening support to the reserve forces and employer support

with Diabetes

The Division for Early
(of the Council for Exceptional

Village: A Global Community of Disability-Related Resources


Inclusive Child Care (Easter Seals)

Internet Resources for
Special Children

National Center on
Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities


The National
Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities


Child Care Hot Links can be found at:


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College Information

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The National Guard Challenge Academy is a preventive rather than remedial youth-at-risk
program. It targets unemployed
drug-free and law-free high-school dropouts, 16 to 18 years of age. Core components of the program are
citizenship, academic excellence (GED/high school diploma attainment),
life-coping skills, community service, health and hygiene, skills training,
leadership, and physical training. The five-month residential phase is followed by a one-year mentoring
relationship with a specially trained member from each youth’s community.

The STARBASE Program serves students and teachers by providing exciting hands-on
learning experiences combining personal development, teambuilding and hands-on
enrichment in science, math, and technology. Our Vision is to teach students
strategies needed to achieve their dreams and become responsible members of

STARBASE, a program for youth ages 6 through 18, is aimed at improving
math and science skills. The program starts at the elementary school level in
order to attract and prepare students at an early age for careers in engineering
and other science-related fields of study.

The program principally exposes at-risk
children and their teachers to real world applications of math and science
through experiential learning, simulations, and experiments in aviation and
space-related fields. The program also addresses drug use prevention, health,
self-esteem and life skills within a math- and science-based program.

map of current participating STARBASE states can be found at or

Through hands-on learning, students improve their math,
science, and technology-related skills. Support system and extended-care
networks are also provided for students as the program tracks their improvement
in the curriculum areas. Parents are encouraged to become positively involved in
their child’s learning process.

Schools with a high proportion of
economically and educationally disadvantaged students apply and are selected by
state and local selection committees.

Programs are staffed by federally
reimbursed state employees or contract personnel.

Kids Kamps
Check with your individual state
Guard website for information about your state’s Kids Kamp. 


Many installations now have their own
pages, which provide information on topics including schools in the area, youth
programs, employment opportunities, community activities and events, and the
local culture.  The links below will
take you to sites that link to all military installations with home pages on the

This page takes you to the Army’s website Army. This
page lists Army installations worldwide.

National Guard

This page takes you to the Army National Guard’s website


This page takes you to the Air Force’s
which lists Air Force
installations by command and then alphabetically by base.

National Guard

This page takes you the Air National Guard’s website

The Navy website Navy lists installations alphabetically, usually starting
with the type of command and then the location. You may need to scroll down the
list a couple of times before you find a base.

The Marine Corps’ website Marines
organizes the installations with home pages by State and/or OCONUS location.
Also, be sure to check out the Young Marines, the Marine Corps’ official youth
program. The Young Marines is a
not-for-profit 501(c) 3 youth education program for boys and girls ages 8
through high school.  The program focuses on character building through a
combination of self-discipline, teamwork and leadership, and promotes a healthy,
drug-free lifestyle


This site Coast Guard
provides links to Coast Guard installations organized by region and