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Army Knowledge Online (AKO)

Army Knowledge Online (AKO) is rapidly moving to
become the central repository for Army Web Sites and access to secured
information.  As part of the Army Transformation, the personnel community
is moving rapidly toward streamlining its systems and giving Army National Guard
Members access to their military personnel information on-line.  We are
currently using AKO for Career Field Designation (CFD), Command, and Senior
Service College preference statements submission via the web. In the very near
future you will no longer have to send away for a copy of your fiche, you will
be able to view your file to include your photo on-line.  Eventually you
will be able to view and possibly update some of your personnel data through the
web.  We are strongly encouraging all officers to sign up for an AKO
account.  With this you receive an e-mail address that will follow you
throughout your career, eliminating the every 2-3 year updates and ensuring you
receive the latest information from your assignment branch.  If you have an
account and do not know your password, you can call the toll free number on the
AKO WebPages to receive it.  To access AKO, type into your browser.


The following information provides an
overview of the programs and services available to Guard members, Guard spouses
and civilians through DANTES. Overview

  • College Level Examination Program
  • Excelsior College Examination Program
  • DANTES Subject Standardized Tests
  • General Educational Development
  • American College Testing
  • Scholastic Assessment Test
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and GRE
    Subject Tests
  • Graduate Management Admission Test

Note: Re-tests for the SAT or ACT are
funded for Guard members enrolling into an OCS program only if original test
scores are over six years old.

Authorized Tests for National Guard Spouses and

National Guard spouses and civilians are
authorized to take CLEP exams, DSST and ECE free of charge (though some may
require a registration fee). All other tests (i.e. GRE, GMAT, etc.) are
available to ARNG spouses and civilians but require payment from the

Testing Locations

The following testing locations are
available to Guard members, Guard spouses and civilians as

  • Guard members may test at any DANTES Test
  • Guard spouses may test at an Army
    National Guard, Air National Guard, Army Reserve or Air Force Reserve DANTES
    Test Center.
  • Guard members, Guard spouses and civilian
    employees may test on a reimbursement basis on the CLEP, DSST, and ECE at
    National Credit-by-Examination Centers (colleges, universities and Sylvan
    Prometric test centers).

To register for a DANTES TCO Course contact
the ESO at National Guard Bureau (NGB-ARH), CPT Elizabeth Kirby, 703-607-5821 or
[email protected]

Student Guide to Success

The Student Guide to Success is made up of
professionally developed study courses on video and audiocassettes available to
help ARNG soldiers, spouses and civilians prepare for the CLEP, DSST, and ECE
exams. Many courses require an administration fee for National Guard spouses and
civilian employees and a textbook may also be required to pass these exams.
Materials can be order through the State ESO, or on line through the Army
National Guard Institute (

Education Software Packages

The following education software packages
can be downloaded by the ESO to assist in the education counseling and
development of National Guard soldiers, spouses and civilians.

  • Career Guidance Information System
  • DISCOVER for Colleges and
  • Military Experience and Training
    Evaluation Consultant (METEC).
  • AZTEC Software Package. (AZTEC Discs can
    currently be requested through DANTES while supplies

Use the following contact information for
the latest updates regarding the benefits and services available through

  • DOD VOLED Web Site
    Visit for
    ARNG access to the best source of voluntary education information. In
    addition, the DANTES Military Counselors Net is provided on the DOD VOLED Web
    Site for ARNG ESOs and Education Counselors to access for specific information
    from other military educators and counselors around the
  • DOD VOLED Hotline 
    DANTES manages the DOD Military Voluntary Education Information Hotline
    at 1-800-492-4533 for ARNG access.
  • DANTES National Guard Point
    of Contact 
    Point of contact for the ARNG is Mr. Tim Furches,
    DANTES Army National Guard Liaison, CML 850-452-1760, FAX 850-452-1528, DSN
    922-1760, or email at [email protected]


The RCEP endorses several initiatives to support voluntary
education efforts in the Reserve components including:

  • The Reserve
    Component Testing Program
  • The Army
    National Guard, Army Reserve, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, and Coast
    Guard Spouse and Civilian Employees Testing Program
  • Reserve
    Component Regional Test Control Officer’s Workshops
  • The
    expansion of the Army/American Council on Education Registry Transcript and
    the Sailors and Marine/American Council on Education Registry
  • Expansion
    of SOCAD, SOCNAV, SOCMAR, and SOCCOAST to support the Army, Navy, Marine
    Corps, and Coast Guard Reserve
  • Promotes
    the DANTES Military Counselor Network (MCNet)
  • Promotes the DANTES
    Military Education Information Hotline (MEIH):
    1-800-482-4533, also at


Educational Reference

Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) distributes
educational reference publications for use by Education Services personnel in
counseling Military Service members. Many of these publications are acquired from the civilian education
publishing community. DANTES also
develops and prints publications to support other DANTES and service education

American Council on

American Council on Education (ACE), founded in 1918, is dedicated to the belief
that equal educational opportunity and a strong higher education system are
essential cornerstones of a democratic society. The Military Evaluations Program
of ACE makes it possible for service members to receive college credit for
service school courses and most enlisted occupations. The credit recommendations
for evaluation of service school courses and occupations are published in the
Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services
commonly referred to as the ACE Guide.

In the
Higher Education arena, DANTES provides primary professional leadership and
manages two Department of Defense (DoD) contracts. The contracts are with the
American Council on
Education (ACE)
for the Military
Evaluations Program and the American Association of State Colleges and
Universities (AASCU) for the
Opportunity Colleges (SOC)
Program. The services and support provided by the Higher
Education Programs area impact heavily on (1) all military headquarters,
education center personnel, and (2) on every Service member participating in the
Services’ voluntary education programs. The non-traditional Higher Education
Programs under these contracts are available worldwide.The ACE contract provides for the evaluation of Service School courses,
selected enlisted, warrant officer and limited duty officer occupations, Navy
enlisted classifications, Department of Defense courses, National Guard and
Reserve courses.

Thousands of Service members earn college credit for their military
training and occupation through evaluations conducted by ACE. These credits can
be applied to a college degree or a vocational certificate that can lead to
career and educational advancement.

ACE contract also provides for ACE to research and write manuscripts and copy
for use as DANTES publications such as the 2000 Guide to the Evaluation of
Educational Experiences in the Armed Services, the 1954-1989 Guide to the
Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services, the Handbook to the
ACE Guide, and brochures and posters, and to work with colleges in explaining
and interpreting academic credit for military experiences. The ACE Guide is also
online at

If you
are enlisted and your pay entry basic date (PEBD) is on or after 1 October 1981,
you can request your Army/American Council on Education Registry Transcript
(AARTS) by completing a DA Form 5454-R dated May 1995 or contact the AARTS at

Troops to Teachers

The primary function of Troops to Teachers and
is to provide referral service-to-service personnel to assist them in their pursuit of teaching as a second career. This successful program also helps in the placement of these individuals in areas of the greatest need. Troops to Teachers is a U.S. Department of Education and Department of Defense program that helps eligible military personnel begin a new career as teachers in public schools where their skills, knowledge and experience are most needed. Click here for the Troops To Teachers
Home Page
Click here to enter the Troops
To Teachers Job Referral Site


Army Continuing Education System

The Army Continuing Education System (ACES)
through its many programs promotes lifelong learning opportunities and sharpens
the competitive edge of Army, 2010 and beyond. ACES is committed to excellence in
service and innovation. You can
earn a degree, obtain scholarships, and much more. For further information go to

Guard and Reserve members are eligible to attend DOD
professional education programs, services’ Command and Staff schools, and a
broad spectrum of specialty field training schools.

The Services’ Educational programs include many
opportunities for Reservists. In
1983, the Vice Chief of Staff Army directed that the Army Continuing Education
System (ACES) be opened to the Army Reserve and Army National Guard. This program is available to Army
Reserve and National Guard members through their ESO. The Army National Guard and the Army
Reserve offer the Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP) to members who enlist or
extend in a unit or military occupation specialty established by the Secretary
of the Army as bonus eligible. It
repays 15 percent or $500 whichever is greater, each year on the outstanding
balance for certain federal student loans plus annual interest. Up to $20,000 in loans may be repaid on
the member’s behalf under this program. Guardsmen and Reservists in Arkansas, Iowa, Florida, Montana, Oregon,
Massachusetts, West Virginia and Wyoming may take college-level exams at
National Test Centers for a $10.00 administrative fee
. For further eligibility
requirements, contact the service representative in your

Members Opportunity Colleges Army Degree (SOCAD)

The Service Members
Opportunity Colleges Army Degree (SOCAD) system consists of groups of accredited
colleges and universities that offer job-related degree programs at the
associate and bachelor’s degree level on or accessible to Army installations and
communities. It is a system of
college curriculum networks designed by
for Army
soldiers and their family
members. The SOC is adding a career
option to SOCAD, which maximizes Army learning experiences and minimizes
additional college study.  This option is called the SOCAD Army Career
Degree Program.

SOCAD is the Service Members Opportunity
Colleges (SOC) degree program for the Army. It consists of colleges that offer
associate and bachelor’s degree programs on or accessible to Army installations
worldwide. These colleges have joined together to form networks in which each
college accepts credits from all the others. This guarantees that Army students
and their adult family members can continue toward completion of their degrees
even though the Army may transfer them several times. There are also degrees
available by distance learning that require no classroom

SOC Guard

SOC Guard, was established to foster partnerships in education in
support of Army National Guard recruiting and retention activities. SOC Guard functions as the liaison
between the higher education community and the Army National Guard. The SOC Guard project staff, in
cooperation with the National Guard Bureau and National Guard strength
maintenance and education services personnel within each state, provides ARNG
soldiers with educational advice and coordinates with high schools and SOC
colleges to help ARNG soldiers realize their full military and civilian
potential by pursuing a college education and developing career plans. Additionally, SOC Guard encourages
colleges and universities to apply for SOC membership, partner in education with
the ARNG and further educational opportunities for Guard members.

Reserve/Guard Activation and Mobilization

Service Members Opportunity Colleges (SOC)
supports our service members called to active duty in the fight against global
terrorism. In cooperation with the
Department of Defense, we are providing assistance to activated
Student-Reservists and the colleges/institutions in which they are
enrolled. Included in this section
is a
checklist for Army
National Guard soldiers who are currently attending college and have been called
to active duty;
sample letters to college and student loan administrators advising them of the student’s activation; and information
on the disposition of
MGIB benefits and student loans upon
activation. In addition, we provide related Web links with valuable information
to both students and college administrators.
Policy letters and state laws
addressing activation of student-Guard/Reservists include letters issued by the
American Council on Education (ACE) and the American Association of State
Colleges and Universities (AASCU) to their member institutions. Currently,
Arkansas, New Jersey and Texas have a state law governing a call to active duty
of students.

Frequently Asked Questions about Service Members Opportunity
Colleges (SOC)



Army Civilian
Personnel Online

Department of the Army Civilian Personnel
Online site is a
tool for
Army civilian personnel professionals, managers and employees and access to
Army civilian employment, training and career opportunities. This site also allows you admittance to
the Army civilian personnel library, Personnel Management Information and
Support System (PERMISS), Position Description PD Library, and links to other
civilian personnel information and sites.


to the Education section of Air Force Crossroads Here you will find
essential information on institutions, services, and resources from around the
world. To get started, please choose from one of the categories below.

Official DoDEA Website

U.S. Schools (k-12)

U.S. Colleges

International Colleges



College & Beyond


Special Needs

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Partnership with Parents

Relocating with School-Age Children

Related Websites


Civilian Employee Training and Career

Information about civilian employee
training and career opportunities can be found at


The Air National Guard provides access to all DANTES
credit-by-examination programs, Community College of the Air Force Associate
Degree programs, federal tuition assistance for AGR members, state education
benefits for all members, and the Student Loan Repayment Program, which will
repay up to $10,000 in student loans for enlisted members and up to $20,000 for
medical officers.

Spouse and Civilian Testing Program – Spouses of Air
National Guard members and federal civilian employees are eligible to take CLEP
general and subject examinations and DANTES Subject Standardized Tests free of
charge at Reserve Component DANTES Test Centers (there is a minimal registration

For additional information on Air National Guard Voluntary
Education Programs contact CMSgt Art Hafner, 3500 Fetchet Avenue, Andrews AFB,
Maryland 20762-5157; DSN 278-8677, commercial 301-836-8677; e-mail:
[email protected]. Alternate POC is
MSgt Karen Peters, XXX-8672, e-mail:
[email protected].


The Military Family Resource Center
(MFRC) is a tool for enhancing the effectiveness of military family policy
and programs. MFRC’s mission is to act as a catalyst of information between the
Department of Defense Military Community and Family Policy (MCFP) office,
military policy makers, and program staff, and to deliver timely, efficient, and
effective information services through cutting-edge

our E-mail alerts, we advise you of new publications and events. Review the Policy Information and Program Manager Resources sections
of the MFRC Web site to learn of new policies and to obtain tools that will
enhance your programs. Review our Research/Evaluation and Statistics sections for the latest
on military family research and demographic and statistical information. You
also have access to our military quality of life document collection and
organizations database. Our Current Events section will keep
you updated on the latest news, conferences, and special events, and visit our
Networking/Partnerships area to
keep in contact with colleagues and other organizations that work with military
families and family programs.

MFRC also incorporates the National
Clearinghouse for the Military Child Development Program
. The Clearinghouse was created by the Department of Defense
in response to President Clinton’s urging that the lessons learned from the
Military Child Development Program be widely shared with the rest of the nation
to improve the quality of childcare in the United States. While this remains the
central mission, the focus of the Clearinghouse has been expanded to include
information on military youth programs.


Education programs for the Army National Guard can be accessed at:
Army National Guard (ARNG) or Army National Guard Institute.


Mapping Your Future is an award-winning public service Web site that provides college, career and financial aid information and services for schools, students, and families, and can be accessed at It can help you choose a career and then map out a plan to achieve your goal.

Be sure to visit the Web sites of Mapping Your Future sponsors to learn more about the services and programs they offer.

American Education Services (AES) – a division of PHEAA
American Student Assistance

Colorado Student Loan Program
Connecticut Student Loan Foundation
EdFund / California Student Aid Commission
Education Assistance Corporation
Educational Credit Management Corporation
Finance Authority of Maine (FAME)
Florida Office of Student Financial Assistance
Georgia Student Finance Commission
Great Lakes Educational Loan Services Incorporated

Illinois Student Assistance Commission
Iowa College Student Aid Commission
Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority
Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance
Michigan Higher Education Assistance Authority – Michigan
Guaranty Agency

Montana Guaranteed Student Loan Program
MOSTARS/Missouri Student Loan Program
National Student Loan Program
New Hampshire Higher Education Assistance Foundation

New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority

New Mexico Student Loan Guarantee Corporation
New York State Higher Education Services Corporation

North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority

Northwest Education Loan Association
Oklahoma Guaranteed Student Loan Program
Oregon Student Assistance Commission
Rhode Island Higher Education Assistance Authority

South Carolina Student Loan Corporation
Student Loan Guarantee Foundation of Arkansas (SLGFA)

Student Loans of North Dakota
Tennessee Student Assistance

Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation / Adventures In Education
United Student Aid Funds, Inc.
Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority
Vermont Student Assistance


The 2003 Scholarships for Military Children program opens for business Nov. 1, with the essay topic “How has being the child of a military service member influenced your educational goals?” The Scholarships for Military Children program is administered by the nonprofit Fisher House Foundation, best known for building family comfort homes near military medical facilities. The program has awarded 920 scholarships and nearly $1.5 million in its first two years. Applications for the 2003 program can be downloaded from http// or starting Nov. 1. They can also be picked up at any commissary. The deadline for returning applications by hand or mail to a commissary is Feb. 21, 2003. The scholarship program is open to dependent unmarried children (under the age of 23) of active duty personnel, Reserve, Guard and retired military. Eligibility will be determined using the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) database. Applicants should ensure that they, as well as their sponsor, are currently enrolled in the DEERS database and that they have a current ID card. All applicants must be citizens of the United States. The applicant must be planning to attend, or already attending, an accredited college or university full-time in the fall term of 2003.