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    The National Guard Family Program exists for the sole purpose of supporting and
    educating Families along the path of their National Guard life.
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  • п»їSupporting National Guard Kids

    Children of all ages can be affected at any phase of military life. We have programs
    to help one and all.

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  • Family Readiness

    We’re here to see you through your daily challenges and prepare you for the ones
    that lie ahead.
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Welcome to the NEW home of the
National Guard Family Program!

п»їWithout strong Families who stand by their National Guard Member, a successful
National Guard could not exist. With the ever-changing face and duties of the National
Guard, it’s important to help National Guard Families achieve
for what’s ahead while remaining flexible in the Present. We support
you, the National Guard Family, by recognizing the sacrifices you make in support
of your loved ones who serve. Through our brand new home on the web and your
Family Program Office
, you can find out about the services
, programs and assistance we provide for Service Members, Spouses, Parents and Youth. Join JSS to get Started

Services Provided

Family Services.

Serving in the National Guard can present new challenges to military Families. Whether
it is financial, emotional, household, or health benefits support you need, National
Guard Family Program strives to empower you with the tools to maintain or become
self-sufficient. Family Program Services

п»їFamily Readiness.

Family Readiness is Mission Readiness. Family Readiness is the level of awareness
Families and their Guard Members have in preparation for that call to state or federal
active duty. Just follow these six steps and learn how we can support you.


The National Guard Youth Program serves children and youth ages 6-18 and provides
opportunities for youth to develop their physical, social, emotional and cognitive
abilities and to experience achievement, leadership, employment, friendship and
recognition. Learn more

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