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Sitelutions has made a
pledge to donate 10% of year 2003 profits to various charities! 
We realize that there are a lot of people and organizations out there who are in
need of a some help.  In today’s day and age, despite technological
advances and the wealth of the United States and various other countries, people
are still suffering in many ways.  People are dying of diseases that could
be cured or prevented with some additional research.  The environment and
global ecology are threatened by today’s industrial practices and the world’s
heavy reliance on fossil fuels for energy.

We realize that any donations to these organizations, no matter how small, truly
do help out.  Therefore, we have made a bold pledge to donate 10% of year
2003 profits to charities selected by our users.  We hope to extend this
pledge into 2004 and beyond.  We have selected various charities.  We openly
accept suggestions from our users, as well.  Upon sign-up, Sitelutions
members vote on which charity they’d like donate to.  We will then divide
up the 10% of profits to each charity, based on the number of members that have
voted for each.  Current charities include:

If you know of a good cause that you’d
like to see listed here, please contact
[email protected]
with your suggestion.  Please note that while we
will consider your suggestion, we cannot add all charities suggested to our

By “profits,” we mean income received in
excess of our costs, including but not limited to bandwidth fees, employee
salaries, and hardware costs.  In being one of the first companies of our
kind to make this pledge, we hope to start a trend among small and large



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