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A-Z Handbooks and Guides

The following documents contain information for National Guard families and leaders and resource providers who support family organizations.

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Activity Books
  Lets Take a Trip (Ages 2-4)
  Travel Trunk (Ages 5-7)
  Travel Journal (Ages 8-10)
  Trip Ticket (Ages 11-12)
  Travel Pack (Ages 13-18)

Air Force Crossroads Predeployment Guide: A Tool for Coping

Air Force Readiness EDGE for Commanders and Supervisors

Air Force Readiness EDGE Family Handbook

Army Family Readiness Handbook

Army Leaders’ Desk Reference for Soldier/Family Readiness

Citizen Soldier’s Guide to Mobilization Finance

Family Assistance Center Workshop Guide

Family Member Readiness Checklist

Family Program’s Youth Deployment Guide Guard & Reserve Family Readiness Programs Toolkit

Final Pre-Separation Checklist

Financial Checklist for Spouse

Guide to Reserve Family Member Benefits

OPSEC: A Guide for Families and Friends

Personal and Family Readiness Guide

Predeployment Ongoing Readiness Workshop Guide

Post-Deployment and Reunion Workshop Guide

Red Cross Deployment and Emergency Checklists

Service Member Deployment Checklist

Single Service Member Readiness Checklist

Soldier and Family Guide to Redeploying

Soldier and Spouse’s Checklists with Important Documents

Veteran’s Small Business Resource Guide