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State Family Program Directors work with military points of contact and volunteers to provide volunteer guidance, training, program direction, and implementation. Many states have a State Family Program Advisory Council or State Advisory Team. Some larger states have regional volunteers to facilitate program coordination with the unit Family Readiness Groups (FRGs).

Commanders and experienced volunteers must work together to define the scope of volunteer duties and the training needed to produce quality performance by volunteers. Training is one of the essential ingredients for successful volunteer programs. The Army

FRG Leader’s Handbook, which can be used by both the Army and Air National Guard, contains valuable guidelines on volunteer training and working with volunteers.

How to Acknowledge Hard Work

Volunteer recognition is a vital part of leading a volunteer program. Recognition is a valuable tool because it acknowledges hard work and the contributions made by volunteers on behalf of the Family Program. The time and commitment made by volunteers, without pay, contributes to the success of the Family Program.

Training Tomorrow’s Trainers

Below are a few initiatives dedicated to the development and support of leaders in the area of volunteer management:

  • Guard

    Family Team Building (GFTB) is a National Guard initiative that specifically

    aims at training Guard members and their families

    to help other family members, based on the proven “train

    the trainer� concept from the successful Army

    Family Team Building (AFTB) program.

  • The Association

    of Volunteer Administration (AVA) is a civilian

    organization whose mission is to help leaders of volunteers

    enhance and maximize volunteer resources. The AVA provides

    professional development training, high-quality products

    and services, and opportunities for networking.

  • The Points

    of Light Foundation is a national volunteer organization that provides professional development training, volunteer guidance, resource and recognition materials, and links to other volunteer organizations. Points of Light is a valuable resource for ideas on how to recognize volunteers and provides a listing of awards available.

For more information on volunteering

with the National Guard, contact your local FRG leader

or State

Family Program Director (SFPD) or e-mail Fran Kraus,

National Volunteer Coordinator, at [email protected].