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Get Involved — Volunteer!line

Have you ever heard someone utter the phrase, “I’m just a volunteer�? The fact is, no one is just a volunteer. Volunteers are an indispensable component of the National Guard, and the success of family readiness programs depends on volunteer involvement and dedication. Additionally, the unit’s mission would be adversely impacted without volunteers. Volunteerism has been a part of the military lifestyle from the very start. Volunteers accomplish a great deal through their contributions. For example:

  • Volunteers provide valuable services measurable not only in terms of time and money but personal satisfaction and increased quality of life for the volunteers themselves and the Guard members and families they serve.
  • Volunteers save the Department of Defense (DoD) millions of dollars each year.
  • Volunteers share their knowledge and skills with others and gain valuable on-the-job training, a sense of purpose, and commitment to our Guard members and families, as well as a unique love and understanding of the National Guard.
  • Volunteers have a deep love of country that they apply to their work and share with others.

Find Out How to Volunteer in Your Area

Volunteer opportunities are available in your state/territory. Contact your State

Family Program Director (SFPD) for information.