Children and Youth


Children and Youthline

Deployment brings many challenges

to families. One

of the biggest is helping children cope when Mom

or Dad isn’t available. The information provided

here may help you make things easier during a deployment.


of Separation

  • Emotions and Behavior: Children

    will go through emotional and behavioral stages

    of separation such as denial, anger, bargaining,

    and depression. These stages may be difficult to

    accept and experience; however, successful adjustment

    and emotional and spiritual health demands that

    we deal with them.

  • Reaction to Change: There will

    be unexpected information flow — both negative

    and positive — that will, in turn, cause

    family members/Guard members to react in various

    ways. Be ready to listen and answer all questions.

  • Roles

    and Responsibilities: There will be changes in

    roles of individuals as well as their responsibilities.

    Family members will have to pick up the responsibility

    for the role that the Guard member filled. Don’t

    expect them to fill the role the same way! They aren’t

    the same people.

  • Economics: There may be

    an economic change because one family member

    is now out of the home.

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