Tips for Pets


Tips for Petsline

Pets often become important members

of your family. Pets of single service members as

well as those of military couples and families

often need a place to go during deployment, especially

if the family relocates while the service member

is deployed.

The key is careful

planning beforehand. It is, of course, inhumane to

leave a pet to fend for itself either in your home

or on the streets. If you feel you can no longer

care for your pet, consider the following options:

  • Ask

    a relative, neighbor, or friend to assume care

    of your pet.

  • Offer the pet for adoption through

    your local animal shelter or Animal Humane Association.

  • Visit’s Military Pets Foster Project

    at This

    site acts as a liaison between military personnel

    who need a temporary home for their pets and

    those willing to care for an animal.

  • To locate a foster

    home for a cat only, visit Operation Noble Foster


  • Contact

    your local animal shelter or Animal Humane Association

    for other suggestions.

Before leaving your pet with

someone for pet sitting, make sure the animal’s

shots are up-to-date, and take it to a veterinarian

for a checkup.