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National Guard State College Tuition Assistance


ANG/ARNG State Tuition Assistanceline

Many state legislatures have funded state tuition assistance to aid National Guard members in pursuing their educational goals. Offered only to members of the National Guard in specific states, this assistance is in recognition of their roles as state employees and in appreciation for their defense of the state and its residents.

Eligibility for State College Tuition Assistance

Eligibility requirements for state-funded programs vary from state to state. Also, the different states and territories offer Guard members varying educational incentives. Keep in mind:

  • State and federal tuition assistance may be used simultaneously, but can’t exceed the full tuition amount.
  • State assistance may be used in conjunction with MGIB benefits, but the two forms of funding may not exceed 100% of your tuition costs.
  • More than 30 states offer up to 100% assistance.

Did you know?

…your education officer can provide information on how to apply for your state’s college tuition assistance?
Identify your local education officer by calling:

ARNG Education Support Center (ESC) contact: (866) 628-5999

ANG Education Services Officer (ESO) contact: (703) 607-5821

State-by-State Benefit Finder Each state offers different educational benefits. To determine the benefits your state offers, explore our State-by-State Benefit Finder.