Key ANG/ARNG Programs

Key ANG/ARNG Programs

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Key ANG/ARNG Programsline

The military offers Air and Army National Guard service members the following key education assistance programs, some of which are also available to retirees and dependents.

  • The Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) is the cornerstone for educational benefits involving tuition assistance. Two years of active duty is required to begin qualifying for MGIB benefits. Additional monthly assistance is available to Active Duty and Selected Reserve personnel for longer service commitments.
  • The Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) provides assistance in testing, certification, and tuition. This DOD organization can also help you fulfill degree requirements through distance learning. The DANTES-sponsored College Credits for Military Skills program will assist you in obtaining credit for certified military skills. The DANTES Troops to Teachers program can help eligible military personnel transition to teaching careers in public schools.
  • Assistance is also available through the Student Loan Repayment Program. If you have an outstanding student loan that predates your enlistment, you may be eligible for thousands of dollars to pay off the debt!
  • And finally, the Post-Vietnam Veterans Educational Assistance Program is available to you if you 1) entered active duty between January 1, 1977, and

    June 30, 1985, and 2) elected to make contributions to this program from your

    military pay.

Call for Information on Educational Benefits:
phone ANG Education Service Office: (703) 607-5821

ARNG Education Services Center: (866) 628-5999

Get More Information on Educational Benefits on the Web:
computer Get more ANG benefits information through your Education Services Office (ESO). Locate your ESO through the U.S. Air Force Portal.

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Get more ARNG benefits information through your Education Services Office using the Virtual Armory Web site ESO locator tool.

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