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Judge Advocate General



affairs encompass important issues and decisions for family members.  Items such as Estate Planning, including

Wills, Medical Planning, Property and Financial Affairs, and the Soldiers’ and

Sailors’ Civil Relief Act.  Once a

service member prepares to deploy or leave for training, legal affairs are a top

priority.  These issues are the ones

family members understandably hesitate to think about, but they are extremely

important considerations for your family and you. 

Things to take care of:


  • Is your home address and telephone number up to


  • Have you listed the correct beneficiary on your Service-members’

    Group Life Insurance (SGLI) election and


  • Do you need a Will or a Military


  • Do you need a Living

    Will, Advance Military Medical Directive, or Durable Medical Power of


  • If you have questions about what Legal Affairs you need, contact

    your state’s Judge Advocate General.  



The U.S. Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps http://www.jagcnet.army.mil/Legal

has amilitary legal information portal to

inform military members on personal legal affairs and preventive law. Use this site as part of your personal

legal preparedness.  The information here is not legal advice. For that, consult an


The U.S. Air Force Judge Advocate General’s Department http://hqja.jag.af.mil/ provides

legal support essential for military operations; advocate and litigate to

preserve command prerogatives; administer military justice and civil law

programs; educate and counsel leaders and personnel in the law; and recruit,

train, equip and retain quality people.  They provide quality legal

services to advance military operations, ensure command freedom of action,

enhance morale and discipline, and protect resources all focused on mission