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A good Family Care Plan takes, time,

organization, and very careful planning. The Guard and Reserve Family

Readiness Programs Toolkit has an outline for preparing a Family Care Plan

at for II B 3,,

in the outline.

Careful planning

is required to ensure adequate care of family members while performing required

military duties. Pregnant service

members, single parents, and dual-military couples with family members will be

counseled in accordance with Army Regulation 600-20 or Air Force Instruction


Depending upon branch of service, the service member and the

commanding officer (or designated representative) will use the appropriate forms

for their branch.


Forms that

must accompany the Family Care Plan are:

The DA

Form 5841-R is a special power of attorney (POA) that may be used to authorize a

person to take care of your child(ren) in the soldier’s absence.  You may seek legal assistance to advise you

about POAs or any other matters in your Family Care Plan.

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