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Army Knowledge Online (AKO)

Army Knowledge Online (AKO) is

rapidly moving to become the central repository for Army Web Sites and access to

secured information.  As part of the Army Transformation, the personnel

community is moving rapidly toward streamlining its systems and giving soldiers

access to their military personnel information on-line.  We are currently

using AKO for Career Field Designation (CFD), Command, and Senior Service

College preference statements submission via the web. In the very near future

you will no longer have to send away for a copy of your fiche, you will be able

to view your file to include your photo on-line.  Eventually you will be

able to view and possibly update some of your personnel data through the

web.  We are strongly encouraging all officers to sign up for an AKO

account.  With this you receive an e-mail address that will follow you

throughout your career, eliminating the every 2-3 year updates and ensuring you

receive the latest information from your assignment branch.  If you have an

account and do not know your password, you can call the toll free number on the

AKO WebPages to receive it.   To access AKO, type into your browser.


The Montgomery GI


The Montgomery

GI Bill (MGIB) was enacted by Congress to attract high quality men and women

into the Armed Forces. The program provides up to 36 months of educational

benefits to eligible persons enrolled in degree and certificate programs,

apprenticeship and on-the-job training and correspondence courses approved for

veteran’s training. The program is administered the Department of Veterans

Affairs. An on-line MGIB pamphlet

provides more detailed



Tuition Assistance Top-Up

On October 30, 2000, the President signed into

law an amendment to the Montgomery GI Bill – Active Duty education program that

permits VA to pay a Tuition Assistance Top-up benefit. The amount of the benefit can be equal to the difference

between the total cost of a college course and the amount of Tuition Assistance

that is paid by the military for the course.


be eligible for the Top-up benefit, the person must be approved for

federal Tuition Assistance by a military department and be eligible for

MGIB-Active Duty benefits. To be eligible for MGIB benefits, the person must be

an MGIB – Active Duty participant and must have served at least 2 full years on

Active Duty.

The amount of the benefit is limited

to the amount that the person would receive for the same course if regular MGIB

benefits were being paid. In no case can the amount paid by the military

combined with the amount paid by VA be more than the total cost of the


If a person receives

the Top-up benefit, his or her regular MGIB benefits will be reduced. The amount

of entitlement charged for Top-up payments is determined by dividing the amount

of the payment by the claimant’s full-time monthly


The benefit is available for all courses that began on

or after October 30, 2000. A copy of the Tuition Assistance Authorization form

for the course that has been signed by an authorized military official will be

required. People who have not requested MGIB benefits before should submit a VA

Form 22-1990 to establish eligibility.

The application and other evidence should be sent to one of

the VA’s four education processing offices in Atlanta, Buffalo, Muskogee (OK),

or St. Louis. The application form and the addresses of the offices are

available on the Internet at

National Guard State College Tuition Assistance


Contact your Education Officer for further information about your

State’s College Tuition Assistance Program.