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The National Guard realizes that Guard Youth face a unique set of challenges and problems. The National Guard Youth Program is available to help provide the support and resources they need to help deal with separation from a parent, child care issues, difficulties with school, or any other problems. Children of all ages can be affected at any phase of military life; we have programs to help one and all.

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Posted March 2010

National Guard Youth Development Program

this program serves children

and youth ages 6-18 and provides opportunities for youth to develop their physical,

social, emotional and cognitive abilities and to experience achievement, leadership,

employment, friendship and recognition. Activities include:

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  • Operation Purple Camp
  • State Youth Camps
  • Teen Leadership Retreats
  • Teen Panels
  • Youth Symposiums
  • Operation Military Kids
  • Unit and community based specific activities

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To find out more information about programs, activities or upcoming events in your

area contact your State Child and Youth Development Specialist