Step 4: Pre-Deployment

Putting it all in order

While you await your Guard Member’s potential deployment, it is critical that everyone

understand the responsibilities and challenges that lie ahead. Sending your Guard

member off on their mission can be a rollercoaster of emotions. Knowing everyone

is taken care of and all paperwork is in order brings the family together, and helps

Guard members prepare to serve.

Family Care Plan

A Family Care Plan (FCP) is used to ensure the care and well being of children and

dependent adults during mobilizations and deployments. Click here for your

Army Family Care Plan

or here for your

Air Force Family Care Plan.

Your FCP should identify the location of important family documents, such as insurance policies and wills.

Operation R.E.A.D.Y.

This program stands for ‘Resources for Educating About Deployment and You’ and offers

Deployment Survival trainings which helps you understand what to expect during the

deployment and offers a checklist to ensure that you are more prepared for the upcoming

separation as well as the new personal responsibilities.

Click here for a


which includes Auto, Finance, Legal, Medical, etc. Time should be taken also to

discuss the important items that may be of concern in case of mobilization. This

proactive step will lessen concerns and can increase confidence.

Communicate as a Family

You and your family are going to have a lot of feelings, and finding time to talk

about them is as important as getting your finances in order. If you have children,

encourage them to talk about the deployment, encourage them to ask questions. Pre-deployment

briefs may also help you prepare and stay close at the same time. Talk to each other


  • Planning for Military Separation
  • Coping with Separation
  • Children and Separation
  • Pre-Deployment Financial Planning
  • Financial Planning for the Future

For any specific questions, please contact your Family Program Office

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Find your local SFPD, WFPC, State Youth Coordinator, Family Readiness Assistant, Family Assistance

Coordinator, Family Assistance Specialist