Step 2: Welcome Briefing

Step 2: Welcome Briefing

Building Teamwork

The Welcome Briefing introduces you to the basics of working

with the unit command and the Family Readiness Group (FRG)/Key Volunteer Program.

It is designed to help you learn more about life as part of the National Guard Family

and your loved one’s unit and mission. During your Welcome Briefing, you will be

introduced to your family member’s unit, the Commander and the First Sergeant, among

others, as well as learn the unit’s mission.

These briefings will be hosted by your Family Program Office. These programs are

designed to help Guard families and Guard members succeed and may include:

  • Help in understanding military benefits and entitlements
  • Education and trainings to prepare for different aspects of military life

A successful Welcome allows for an interaction between all parties and a chance for

questions and answers. It provides an understanding of the unit mission. We want

to help the Guard Member accomplish their mission while connecting our Guard Members,

families, and community resources together.

This Welcome Briefing builds upon the Guard Member and family member’s knowledge

gained in Step 1, effectively laying a foundation for all future trainings.

If you are unable to attend your Welcome Briefing, please click here for a sample.

For any specific questions, please contact your Family Program Office

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