Help – Buttons


The navigation bar is the primary way that you communicate with the program.
The navigation bar appears on the left side of every screen. A button
in a disabled state is grayed out. Buttons having this appearance cannot
be selected.

Button Action
Help Link Graphic This accesses this descriptive file that provides recommendations on how to take the course.
Glossary Link Graphic Clicking this button opens a course glossary to identify acronyms and display definitions of terms used within the course.
Previous Page Button Graphic This button returns you to the previous page or topic in the lesson sequence.
Next Page Button Graphic This advances you to the next page or topic in the lesson sequence. From
a screen with branches (e.g. links or pop-up boxes with more information
or viewing documents), next skips the information contained in the branches
and continues the lesson.
Email Link Graphic This button provides e-mail access to persons associated with the course.
References Link Graphic This provides access to a compiled list of resources and links that
are cited in the course.
Close Window Button Clicking this button closes a window (such as a glossary page or pop-up
box) and returns you to the previous primary instructional screen.
View Document Link Graphic This button opens the Adobe Acrobat application and displays the document or form relevant to the current desktop activity. You have the ability to print the document.
Download Link Graphic This button indicates that a file is available for download. Right
clicking (Windows) on the button and clicking “save file as…” will
save the file to your computer.
More Info Link Graphic This accesses a pop-up box that provides you with additional detail on an instructional topic.