National Guard Family Program
Soldier with child riding piggyback Introduction to Personal Finance
An Overview for State Family Program Directors, Wing Family Program Coordinators, and Families.


Evaluating Your Situation

Budgeting & Debt Management

Goals & Plans

Insurance & Disability Planning

Investment Planning

Education Planning

Retirement Planning

Estate Planning


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Course Introduction


Financial Planning Steps


Getting Started


0.2 Course Introduction

Let's face it, financial planning is not the activity of choice for most individuals. If each of us had our way, the various pieces of our financial lives would just fall into place. All of our financial needs would be met effortlessly without our having to devote even a minute of time to planning.

Unfortunately, life doesn't work that way.

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Making sense of your finances requires more time and effort than ever in today's constantly-changing economic environment. You are likely to have many different - and sometimes conflicting - financial goals.

Deciding how to meet those goals requires careful planning.

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